"ORGANIC TEXTURES" project consists in performing on classical materials, mainly from Carrara area (whites, statuario , arabescato, bardiglio, zebrino) innovative surface finishes, which are meant to bring the stone to its original aspect of material, highlighting their typical aesthetic features and contrasting all those processes, such as polishing, which represent an artificial transformation of the aesthetics of stones. The aim is to bring back the stone to its organic origin, enhancing its own beauty and imperfections, whereby each single slab becomes a unique and not reproducible piece.

These finishes are done with subsequent work cycles, using a combination of technologies, partly traditional, partly in-house developed. The design and realization of new textures are  studied in collaboration with designers, in order to create movements and sensations inspiring the imagination of architects and designers and invite them to think about the use of stone in applications other than the traditional ones.