Savema's main manufacturing plant covers an area of 75,000 and it is located in very favourable geographical surroundings, close to Carrara quarries and to important means of communication (15 Km from Carrara Port, 40 Km from Leghorn Port).

In this facility, Savema has developed a processing equipment capable of guarantee a productivity per month equal to 60,000sqm for slabs and 30,000sqm for cut to size. Savema has machinery and organization capable of performing each single step of stone processing, from block sawing to the final touch of cut to size pieces.

Production is organized in the following departments:

  • Marble Gang-sawing
  • Granite Gang-sawing
  • Polishing and other superficial finishing
  • Cut to size and special moulded and solid pieces (Cad-Cam and numeric control)
  • Final touch and anchoring processing
  • Packing, crating and shipping
  • Stockyards and Logistic

OUR OWN innovative technology

One of the strategic factors of Savema is his deep ties up with some of the "key machinery suppliers" for stone processing. Together with them, over the years, Savema have developed strong synergies through which it was possible to create real prototypes of machinery with innovative technology, tested in our facility and by our skilled technical staff.

In the field of new technologies, we have developed one of the first lines in the world for blocks reinforcement with a vacuum / pressure system (read on line the article of the international magazine Stone World about this technology). This process reinforce, with a coat made by fibres mixed with epoxy resin, blocks of marble with high defects, allowing the sawing without problems of breakage of the slabs under the gang-saw.

INNOVATIVE CNC cutting line

Furthermore, few months ago we have introduced in the company a new prototype of a CNC cutting line to obtain automatically from slabs triangles or complex polygonal shapes, maximizing the useful area of the slab and reducing the wastage. This machinery is equipped with an innovative vacuum device, integrated in the machine and independent from the movements of the cutting heads.