What really makes us different from our competitors is the mix that we can offer. In fact, while we are very much at the cutting edge in terms of stone processing technologies and equipment - the technology used today to quarry, slab, cut to size, shape and finish the stone is almost totally computerized - we also feature highly in terms of artisan know-how, handed down from generation to generation, which is one of our point of strength. This is a sector where the human element is still extremely important, especially in terms of knowledge and our staff members are invaluable in this respect.

They are really experts in processing, quarries all over the world with which Savema has set up a network strongly liked, and are dedicated to scouting and selecting the right raw materials for each architectural project, where a mix of materials -originating in different countries- is usually utilized.

Our intent for the future is that of consolidating our organizational structure, transferring the know-how and expertise of our staff to the younger generation. We need to implement continuous professional training for all of our staff, so as to equip them with the special knowledge that we have.