Savema's birth

Savema has been founded in 1975 by initiative of two families, Piacentini and Volterrani, since many years in the stone business. Thanks to the founders' market talent and their long-term experience, in less than a decade Savema has established itself as one of the leading global players for the supply of architectural stone works for projects of high quality and large scale. At the same time, Savema started the processing and sales of marble, granite and other stone in slabs / semi-finished products, becoming one of the best-known producers for many marble workshops, importers and distributors worldwide.

Development in the '80s and '90s

During the 80's, thanks to the increasing consumption of granite, Savema has grown rapidly, opening up branches abroad, with the aim to catch up the expansion phase of the stone business that was occurring, until mid-90's. Since the very beginning, Savema has created a network of deep tie-up with many quarry owners around the world, which is still now one of the points of strength of its business formula. Currently Savema -either directly or through group companies- has set up offices for blocks or slabs procurement in Vitoria (Brazil), Bangalore (India), Xiamen (China), where a fully skilled staff is daily dedicated in scouting and selecting row materials.


Following to the globalization of the stone industry, Savema has drastically changed its strategies and has come back to reevaluate and promote marbles, especially the ones quarried in Carrara area. Investments in own quarries and the proximity to the raw material of Carrara stone district are a crucial factors of competitiveness, on which the company has based its current development, since more than one decade.