Savema, thanks to network of long-term relationships worldwide and to the deep knowledge of Italian and international quarries, has the capability to source out many types of materials, and import them to Italy to be processed locally or exported to other countries.
Since more than ten years, Savema has focused on purchasing of marble blocks coming from Carrara area, due to the possibility to purchase a large amounts of blocks and unshaped blocks, partly addressed to the local and international market and partly directed to be processed into slabs and cut to size.
Bianco di Carrara CD, Bianco Gioia, Venatino, Bardiglio nuvolato, Calacatta Cremo, Arabescato Vagli, Calacatta Vagli, Verdello, Rosso Collemandinaare just some of the materials the company is used to trade.



Savema controls the production of three quarries located in the Stazzema and Massa areas where are quarried materials historically prestigious, as the Arabescato Corchia, the Gioia Piastrone and the Madielle, most of which are offered in slabs and cut to size to domestic and international market.
arabescato corchia